Description of Our Trees

These species are currently growing at our nursery or have been dug and put into wire baskets, ready for sale. Availability is subject to change. We do not carry fruit trees or Christmas trees.

Common Name Native Max Ht/Spd Key Characteristics Soil Type
Basswood yes 82ft/42ft pale yellow in fall any
Jacquemontii Birch no 26ft/16ft very white bark any
Gingko no 55 ft/36 ft bright yellow in fall not wet/clay
Hackberry yes 66 ft/59 ft corky bark any, even dry
Ivory Silk Tree Lilac no 18 ft/16 ft white fragrant flowers in July not wet/clay
Katsura Tree no 49 ft/13 ft heart-shaped leaves any
Glenleven Linden no 52 ft/39 ft dark bark, open habit any
Greenspire Linden no 52 ft/39 ft distinctly pear-shaped any
Redmond Linden graft 66 ft/33 ft large leaves turn yellow any
Shademaster Locust no 55 ft/32 ft small leaves - filtered shade any
Skyline Locust no 49 ft/42 ft more pyramidal shape any
Sunburst Locust no 49 ft/42 ft bright yellow to green any
London Plane Tree no 52 ft/46 ft fast growing, large leaves any
Amur Maple no 16 ft/16 ft dwarf, hardy, red in fall any
Armstrong Maple hybrid 46 ft/29 ft upright, fast growing any
Autumn Fantasy Maple hybrid 52 ft/42 ft bright red in fall, few keys any, even dry
Celebration Maple hybrid 46 ft/29 ft fast growing, yellow in fall any
Columnar Maple no 39 ft/13 ft narrow, upright, dark green any
Globe Maple no 13 ft/16 ft ball-shaped head, not tall not wet/clay
Hedge Maple no 32 ft/ 32 ft dense head, corky bark, hardy any
Marmo Maple hybrid 59 ft/49 ft seedless, orange-red in fall any
Red (Rubrum) Maple yes 53 ft/49 ft red flowers, turns red in fall any, esp. wet
Red Sunset Maple graft 59 ft/39 ft bright red in fall, silvery bark any, esp. wet
Royal Red Maple no 39 ft/33 ft deep purple all season not wet/clay
Sugar Maple yes 66 ft/49 ft multi-coloured in fall well-drained
Columnar Sugar Maple graft 66 ft/13 ft very narrow, but tall well-drained
Legacy Sugar Maple graft 56 ft/39 ft thick dark leaves well-drained
European Mountain Ash no 39 ft/26 ft orange-red berries in fall any
Pyramidal English Oak no 49 ft/17 ft brown leaves in fall stay on any
Red Oak yes 52 ft/49 ft dark green leaves turn red any
Chanticleer Orn. Pear no 42 ft/17 ft white flowers, red late in fall any
Newport Flowering Plum no 16 ft/13 ft red-purple leaves all season any
Serviceberry (Tree) yes 26 ft/10 ft white flowers, reddish in fall any
Serviceberry (Clump) yes 22 ft/10 ft multi-stemmed any
White Pine yes 58ft/23ft fast growing, soft needles any
Colorado Blue Spruce no 65ft/17ft blue specimen not wet/clay
Columnar Blue Spruce no 16ft/5ft narrow, bright blue not wet/clay
Fat Albert Spruce no 23ft/10ft dwarf, silvery-blue not wet/clay
Hoopsi Blue Spruce no 65ft/19ft silvery-blue specimen not wet/clay
White Spruce yes 82ft/15ft dark green, hardy, fast not wet